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The Gratitude Technique And Exercises That Work

Evidence exists that using a simple gratitude technique, such as keeping a gratitude diary and taking part in some kind of daily gratitude exercise can really help you feel happier, more positive and give your zest for life a boost.  So what are the best gratitude techniques to use and where’s the scientific evidence to prove that any of this stuff works?

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how to feel happy

Feel You’ve Lost Your Zest? Want To Know How To Get It Back?

Welcome to Inspired Zest For Life! My world was rocked when I became a stroke survivor at 38. On the path to recovery I found out some amazing things. Seriously, this is stuff most people don’t find out in a lifetime. All of it opens doors to finding more happiness and zest and I want to share it all with you right here.

How Can I Feel Happy?

Do you find yourself asking this question?

After my stroke I certainly did. That was when I started my journey of discovery to find out knowledge, inspirations and expert help to put me back on the road to recovery.

I found out a lot and discovered how to generate more zest and feel happy again.

This has a lot to do with elements we think little about, such as feeling fear or nurturing our zest for life.

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zest for life

What Is Zest And Why Is It So Important?

Zest is defined as living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation and energy, and is an essential element that nurtures our soul, gives us spirit and makes us human.

Those who have zest exude this energy when approaching life, which can be truly contagious. But why is zest one of the most essential elements we really need to nurture (when it’s so often forgotten), and why is it the key to our future happiness?

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zero to zest

How Zero To Zest Began

This has been the most difficult post for me to write, but also the most cathartic.

Many people have had a stroke, and many have not survived.

I am one of the lucky ones.

I am a stroke survivor.

However, the words of my neurologist still ring in my ears when he said…

“People either make a good recovery or they die from the type of stroke you’ve had. You’ve been very lucky!”

I didn’t feel lucky…

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