How To Feel More Positive When Nothing’s Going Right

It’s normal to get frustrated if you’re putting a lot of effort into something and not getting results, or worse… the wrong results. It can destroy your self worth and confidence, while draining your zest reserves. It might be happening at work, at home, amongst colleagues, within your friendship circles or with family. It doesn’t matter where its happening because it will all make you feel the same… a failure, worthless, demotivated and completely negative. At these times it’s important to understand how to feel more positive instantly, which can be achieved by taking a bit of time to reflect using this valuable exercise.

How To Feel More Positive Instantly

It’s staggering how healing a bit of self-compassion and gratitude can be. Scientific evidence shows us it helps flip our thinking around so we stop focusing on what’s wrong and start focusing on what’s right. It’s a really important exercise to attempt regularly as in return it gives us an array of health benefits too, such as:

  • Stronger immune system;
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Higher levels of positive feelings and emotions;
  • More happiness, joy and optimism;
  • Increase wellbeing and self-satisfaction;
  • Feelings of compassion and generosity towards others;
  • Less feelings and emotions of isolation and loneliness;
  • Helps boost our relationships;
  • Boosts our feelings of self worth and value in the workplace; and
  • Improves levels of trust.

However, whenever we attempt to boost our mood with gratitude techniques we don’t often look within ourselves. Instead we focus on what we should be grateful for around us. A better way to become more positive instantly is to take the time to give ourselves a zest boosting dose of gratitude and self-compassion, and one way to do this is to write a love letter to yourself.

How To Write A Love Letter To Yourself

Writing a love letter to yourself is a process and you can benefit from every stage so it’s worth taking the time to do it properly. Each stage doesn’t have to take very long but it can make a real difference if you need to discover how to feel more positive instantly.

  1. Start by getting excited about the benefits that gratitude can bring into your life and your health (above);
  2. Prioritise and value the time you give yourself to write your letter;
  3. Be specific when you’re analysing the reason for your gratitude;
  4. When someone else is involved make sure you let them know how grateful you are;
  5. Once you’ve written your letter, make sure you read it often and continue to benefit from it.

So if nothing’s going right, you’re feeling zestless and you need to figure out how to feel more positive, I challenge you to write a love letter to yourself. It will help you generate heaps of positivity, self-appreciation and really make you feel better instantly.

To give you some inspiration to write your own, here’s a shortened version of my own love letter to myself. This was only meant for me, so please don’t judge me for it. Instead use it to spur you on to write one of your own.

Dearest Sarah

I think you’re so brave.

You’re brave because you didn’t give up.

You are a young stroke survivor but you still kept fighting.

You were really ill but you refused to accept it would always be that way and you worked hard to make sure it wasn’t.

You lost your job because of it but that just put a fire in your belly to pick a new path and make a new career for yourself, even though you were still so very ill.

Your health suffered but instead of giving in you researched and found out what you needed to know to help make things better.  

You still managed to love, adore and work hard for your two amazing girls, who could have been so easily ignored while their mum wasn’t well.

You have the scars of life on your skin and in your heart but you don’t let that stop you. Instead you wear them like a badge of honour and use your determination like a sword to fight for the life you and your family need. One that you deserve.

I’m so very grateful for all that you are and all that you are yet to become.

Thank you for being so brave.

Big hugs.

Inspired Zest For Life

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