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I have had the fortune of working with some wonderful people since I started coaching. Inspiring others to discover where they are stuck how they can get what they want is a personal joy for me.

As Dr Seuss eloquently told us, life has its ups and downs. That's what makes us what we are. The only thing you need to remember is... "Kid you'll move mountains! You're off to great places! Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!" 

Mrs J


At the start of my journey, I felt that I was beyond help. I was anxious, worried about the smallest details, unable to hear anybody say anything positive about me and my inner dialogue was on a repeating loop of negativity. I compared my life journey to others and did not celebrate any of my successes and I actively stopped others from doing that for me.

During my sessions I had many 'ah-ha!' moments which helped me to understand things about myself that got in my own way: I hadn't defined success so was crippled with anxiety because I always felt I had failed, I compared my weight and exercise regime to others which led to me feeling guilty and disappointed when I couldn't do what they so easily seemed able to do, I was guarded frightened of the 'what-ifs' and felt inadequate.

My sessions were enlightening. I realised that I was motivated to care for people and in this I forgot to look after myself; I was exhausted. Sarah, my coach, helped me to set achievable goals, short-term and long-term and through her work I began to actively notice and listen to compliments, this was overwhelming. I realise that I was loved and valued in ways I had been unable to ever realise before.

I always did my 'homework' and in hindsight realised it reinforced the work done in my sessions. I followed up on actions and quite quickly, my health and well-being began to improve. My daily mantras reframed my thoughts and I became stronger. I realised my strengths and this made me excited.

Since my sessions have began, I have achieved an unrealised and unthinkable goal in my career. Using techniques given to me through my sessions, I was able to draw on an inner strength, determination and developing self-belief. I know I wouldn't have applied for the job before, I wouldn't have felt worthy.

The future is exciting. Challenge doesn't scare me quite as much because I have defined success and know that it takes time to build something strong. I am a working progress and at times feel the 'old me' return. But when this happens, I draw on the techniques Sarah has taught me and I mindfully move forward.

Sarah, my coaching sessions have been life-changing and cannot thank you enough for your gentle yet insightful approach. Your support has been invaluable on this incredible journey to the next chapter of my life.

BecsNatural Nutritionist

I met Sarah at a Wellness Show and we spent some time together afterwards talking about life and health, she was so enthusiastic about many things. Later, I contacted Sarah about having some coaching, as I felt like I needed help in finding my focus with work and looking at ways to direct my energy into the right places.

Working with Sarah has given me a better understanding of my audience and how I can connect with these people on a personal level and have a continued relationship with them by ensuring that I am giving them what they want and need, but still fulfilling my role as a nutritionist.

Sarah has given me many useful tools to use not only in work but within my personal life to help me focus when I feel like there is a firework going off in my head! Through the coaching sessions I feel I have better direction, less confusion and more understanding of how I can move forward with my work, website and clients. A big thank you!

RachelHolistic Therapist Infinite Touch

I presented myself to Sarah as an independent, successful business lady managing my two children and business on my own.

But up until now I have been so busy trying to keep everything going I hadn’t stopped to take note of myself fully.

Sarah has gently and clearly talked me through where I am now, where I've been and what I've built up and most importantly where I want to go now and how I can move forward with my business and even my life.

I have great vision in what I want to achieve but I struggle to organise and prioritise myself in a manageable way, until I met and received coaching from Sarah.

Sarah has helped me to see a completely different view of what’s going on in my work and also life as they are integrated.

I have learnt more about my strengths and weaknesses in 3 sessions than I have in 9 years, or just not spent long enough observing them to take note.

As well as helping me with insight into myself as a person, Sarah has been very informative in advising me about sorting a website out - how to lay it out to maximise my full potential - and really teaching me how to sell and value myself.

This has been the key to this coaching, having Sarah really ‘see me’ and ‘ hear me’ and then with her vast skill and knowledge help me see myself allowing me to work on my weak points and really build on my strengths, which Sarah really emphasises.

I have gained so much and feel I can move forward with my dreams. And knowing Sarah is always there if I need more coaching makes me feel good.

AmandaGreen Earth Publishing

I have really enjoyed working with Sarah as a Performance Coach. Sarah is very friendly, approachable and very easy to talk to.

We focussed on three areas of my life that I wanted to look at, which are giving up smoking, weight loss, and time management. Sarah helped me to look at things in a different way and came up with some very good ideas that I myself had not thought of, especially with managing my time and in business. I have started to put these ideas into practice and it has definitely helped me improve the way I work, and helped me feel much less overwhelmed.

The questionnaire we worked on to determine my most dominant personality driver, was fascinating and has made me realise I need to focus more on my own needs, rather than always putting others first, while also asking for help when I need it. We also did an achievements exercise which made me feel very positive, happy and much more confident in myself, as I had been feeling quite negative and putting myself down. After doing this, I realised I really should be giving myself a good pat on the back and much more credit than I do, for all the things I have achieved. These points really resonated with me, as I think when feeling so overwhelmed, not being able to focus because my mind is always running a million miles an hour, I wasn’t looking at the bigger picture and this really opened my eyes.

Our discussion on diet and gut bacteria/health was also very interesting as Sarah raised some points that I had not been previously aware of, a very fascinating topic which I will definitely be looking more in to.

JennyMum & Entrepreneur

After spending so many years raising my family and looking after others, it’s so liberating to take this time out for ME. I feel it has given me the time and space I needed to get to know who I am right now, what I want out of life, what motivates me and how I can get where I want to be. I’ve made a HUGE LEAP forwards and can start working on my own personal action plan. It’s really made me feel inspired!

JojoMum & Entrepreneur

I have been coached by Sarah for 3 weeks now. During the sessions, I learnt how to use some simple but very useful tools. By using these tools I am clearer about myself, where I am now and where I want to be. With this insight, I'm now able to make long and short term plans for the future. I can always adjust these plans to make them work, and now I find myself super-focussed on what I'm doing. Now, I know how to move towards my target step by step. Thank you Sarah!