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I work with professional women to help them ditch stress, renew their confidence and discover their true calling when they feel they’ve lost their mojo. Helping them move from frustration and unfulfillment to abundance, purpose and happiness.


Do you feel you’ve lost your ZEST?

Are you feeling exhausted by it all and realise you’ve lost your sparkle?

Are you unsure how to get it back or simply lack the confidence to go forward?

Are you in need of some re-evaluation or re-invention?

Do you feel your business or personal life is going nowhere?

Well… I can help because that’s exactly where I’ve been and you won’t believe what I’ve discovered!

Hi! I’m Sarah Riley and I help people who are stuck!

Whether you are stuck with your business or your personal life, I offer a magical formula of Performance Coaching mixed with healthy doses of the ‘language of the mind’ (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that will really help you leapfrog barriers to get what you want and improve your happiness and zest for life, leaving you thoroughly inspired and on a path that leads to high-flying success.Sarah Riley

As a Business and Personal Performance Coach, I will help you find your happy through unique online coaching centred around 6 pillars and foundational habits, which will enable you to gain the confidence you need to lead the life you want and find the lifestyle or business of your dreams.

Here’s how it all began…

You could say I’ve received my fair share of bruises from life and I certainly have a lot of experience of being zest-less.

In 2009 I almost died! That’s when my journey really began.

I was a stroke survivor at the age of 38. Having a near death experience, while taking care of my 2 babies (a 2-year-old and a 2 week old) can really knock you off your feet.

At about the same time, and whilst I was re-learning how to read, write and walk properly again, the financial meltdown hit, followed rapidly by the global recession and my subsequent redundancy. So in a very short period of time, I made the transition from high performing Executive and fully functioning human being to someone who was seriously struggling.

Those were challenging days and I completely lost my zest for life, relying on the people around me to hold things together while I fell apart.

The consequences were HUGE.

I became indifferent and my relationships suffered. I was exhausted, filled with apathy and felt overwhelmed with everything. I lost my courage and hid away from the world.

None of this had a positive effect on me physically and I became overweight, abandoned my looks, and became negative and pretty unpleasant to be around.

After a moment of clarity one day when I realised just how much I ‘d changed, I discovered I wasn’t ready to give up the fight just yet.

I realised the stroke I’d survived hadn’t only taken away my ability to read, write and walk, (albeit temporarily) but had also taken away my ability to be happy, which in turn had stripped me of my zest.

That’s when I realised what I had to do to get my zest back.

I had to learn to be happy again. Then I had to practice it and work at it, and it was going to be a battle because I’d never done it before.

It’s not the adversity and how bad it is. It’s how you deal with it. That’s what matters!

That’s when the fight really began.

I knew I had to do all I could to get my zest back.

I lost it… it was mine… and I wanted it back.

After all… all you need is zest… right?

It’s what gives you your appetite for life, your vitality, vigor and verve. It also gives you endurance and that bit of oomph.

In fact, it’s the very thing that gives you energy and makes your soul sing.

In my own struggle to get my zest back, I started looking for tips and strategies to help me.

However, I found I couldn’t relate to many self-help guides as they were written by people with limited life experiences or were only interested in the bottom line. They didn’t feel real and when I read them with all their glossy images and fashion poses I didn’t start to feel better… I felt worse!

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and that’s why you’re reading this now.

HAPPINESS  = A state of being : ZEST = A state of action and approaching life with excitement and energy; not doing things halfway or halfheartedly; living life as an adventure; feeling alive and activated.

For many years now I’ve been gathering scientifically proven strategies and ideas from academics, scientists, authors and big thinkers from around the world. I realised quite quickly that very few people know this stuff… but that’s not really surprising. There are millions of scientific papers and scholarly articles published every year in tens of thousands of journals on just as many subjects, and shockingly 50% of these are never read.

That’s a lot of discoveries that never reach the light of day!

What if those discoveries and ideas could make a real difference to how we live our lives in a happier, more fulfilling, rewarding and zestful way?

I find it shocking that most people go through life and never discover the things I have. Things that can make a real difference.

So, I made up my mind to search for the best and most inspiring experts and gather their essential tips to help me revitalise the way I think, eat, move and live. But this stuff is too important to keep to myself. This needs to be shared with others.

That’s why I trained as a Performance Coach, carried out heaps of research, tried everything myself to find out what really worked and then decided to share it right here.

I believe that if you want to be the best you can be in your life and your business then you need to find yourself a coach, particularly one that focusses on success, happiness and performance.

Top sports men and women have coaches. Politicians and business people have coaches. They use them to discuss their ideas, find inspiration and direction, become motivated and be held accountable. Having that type of support is what brings success and you will find that everyone at the top of their game has a coach.

Becoming the best you can be in your life and achieving your goals is no different. This is where a coach can really help you make a change, and if it’s a happy successful life you’re after then that’s where I can help.

If I asked you now what you want out of life, I bet one of your top answers would be to find happiness and more zest for life. Then if I asked you what you want for your children or family, again one of your top answers would be for them to find a happy life too.

Yet, if I ask you HOW you intend to secure that happiness and zest for life then I know you’ll find that question a lot harder to answer.

So exactly how do you get more happiness?

Being happy is something we all think about a lot and we want it so badly, but many of us have no idea how to get it.

We share thoughts about it on social media, we talk about happiness amongst our friends and family and we discuss our need for it at work… and yet none of us REALLY know how to get more of it.

Also, what seems to work for one person doesn’t work for you and that just leaves you feeling worse and even more lost.

I believe that happiness is a skill. It’s something you have to work at to get it, grow it and keep it. It takes practice and must be nurtured regularly, and it’s not easy… believe me.

If someone’s happier and more successful than you, they weren’t born that way. They just have a slightly more developed set of happiness skills than you, and science shows us that it attracts personal and business success so it’s worth putting in the effort to get it.

The first step is knowing that happiness is a choice YOU MAKE and being happy IS IMPORTANT!

I intend to give you the tools you need to discover exactly how happy you are, what’s most important to you in your own journey and exactly what you can do to find more happiness and zest for life.

You might be surprised about exactly what that is.

If you think being richer or prettier will help then I’m afraid you’re wrong. Scientific studies show that winning the lottery will not make you happier. In fact, some of the richest people in the world are just as happy as some of the poorest. Also, some of the prettiest supermodels are less happy than the average citizen.

This might be surprising, but it’s also reassuring. You can now cross off winning the lottery, becoming richer or becoming prettier from your ‘How To Be Happy’ list and start re-writing another one based on existing science, on your individual needs, and on realistic goals and outcomes.

Once you have clarity about exactly what works for you then you can really become the master of your own happiness and help your family become the master of theirs too.

All you need to do is be open to learn and discover and to try out a few things you may not have tried before.

So if you’re in need of motivation and want a friend to help you make a commitment to start this journey… hop aboard. There’s loads of room for you and this is what you can expect…

Inspirations to inspire, motivate and guide you to your ZEST: 

Not just from me, but from some super cool people who really know their schnizzle. Seriously, these people make me feel quite weak with admiration.

Tangible tips and strategies for change: 

These are things I’ve tried and they really work, so I want to share them.

Regular challenges: 

To see a significant change I need to challenge myself regularly. So do you! As a result, I will be suggesting real actions you can do every day to bring quick wins and help you get your Va Va Voom back!

Transformational plans and tools: 

From my experience as a consultant and trainer by profession, and more recently as a Coach, I know these plans can bring real changes and tangible results.

Encouragement and Support:

All who join me on this journey will be given access to a free members-only ZERO TO ZEST GROUP. Just watch this space and sign up to my email alerts to hear when the doors open, and claim my free zest boosting pack as a bonus.

So if you feel you’ve lost your intensity, drive and enthusiasm, I challenge you to do something about it.

Start by becoming the designer of your own life.

Doors will open, zest will flow and new adventures will begin.

Welcome aboard… your journey starts now!

Big smiles…


If you want to read more about my story, here’s what the Daily Mail newspaper wrote.

I am a qualified Performance Coach with Neuro Linguistic Programming, with a Professional Management postgraduate Level 5 diploma. This qualification is fully Accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists and the ABC Academic Board.  As well as Personal Performance Coaching, I am also a Certified Happiness Coach through training undertaken with Transformation Services Inc. I am also a member of the National Council for Psychotherapists and The Guild of Coaching and NLP in the UK.
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certified happiness coach

certified happiness coachcertified happiness coach

My entrepreneurial business roots are also strong as after years working as a Management Executive I became the Founder and editor of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses and give consultancy advice, mentoring, support and training to lifestyle business owners in the outdoor hospitality industry.

I’ve written for a few other people too: HolsteeThe MetroGlamping Business Magazines, Forbes Listed Birds on The Blog, Expert Enough, Bonbon BreakMums The Boss, Mums The Blog, plus many others.

Finally, if you’re interested in why I write so much… take a look at how it all began and check out my testimonials and coaoching services.

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