“I Need To Change My Life!”… 15 Signs You Need A Life Change

There’s no doubt we can all get stuck in a rut and sometimes find it difficult to get back to feeling like ourselves again. But what happens when you feel really lost and you start thinking, “I need to change my life!” What can you do to gain perspective, find some focus, discover a new direction and secure a new future?

15 Signs You Need A Life Change

Does this sound like you?

  1. Every Sunday afternoon you feel anxious about the next day at work.
  2. You find it hard to think of anything positive about your life and others make you jealous.
  3. Small things bother you a lot.
  4. You frequently put yourself down and point out your flaws out to others.
  5. You can’t let go of bitterness about difficult experiences with other people in your life.
  6. You desperately wish away your weeks waiting for something happening in the future, such as a holiday or event.
  7. You’re constantly aggravated and annoyed by people around you.
  8. Expectations of your life and where you thought you’d be aren’t being met.
  9. You find it hard to achieve anything of significance.
  10. You talk yourself down when you compare yourself to others.
  11. You feel exhausted even before your day begins.
  12. You wonder if this is it and you’ll never achieve your dreams (or you don’t have any dreams to begin with).
  13. You’re finding it hard to develop solid relationships and fear you’re going to be alone forever.
  14. You can’t help talking badly of others and stamping on their successes even though you feel bad for doing so.
  15. You’ve found yourself thinking “I need to change my life”.

How Can I Change My Life For The Better?

If you want to be the best you can be you need to find yourself a coach, particularly one that focusses on happiness and personal performance.

Top sports men and women have coaches. Politicians and business people have coaches. They use them to discuss their ideas, find inspiration and direction, become motivated and be held accountable. Having that type of support is what brings success and you will find that everyone at the top of their game (no matter what it is) has a coach.

Becoming the best you can be in your life and achieving your goals is no different. This is where a coach can really help you make a change, and if it’s a happy life you’re after then that’s where a coach can really bring massive benefits.

If I asked you now what you want out of life, I bet one of your top answers would be to find happiness and more zest for life. Then if I asked you what you want for your children or family, again one of your top answers would probably be for them to find a happy life too.

Yet, if I ask you how you, your children or your family intend to secure that happiness and zest for life then I know you’ll find that question a lot harder to answer.


I Need A Change In My Life… Where Do I Start?

Being happy is something we all think about a lot and we want it so badly, but many of us have no idea how to get it. If you feel you need a life change and you want to find more tools to help you do that, take a moment to read more about Personal Performance Coaching and how it can help you to make a significant change in your life.change my life

Personal Performance Coaching can give you the tools you need to discover exactly how happy you are, what’s most important to you in your own journey and exactly what you ca
n do to find more happiness and zest for life.

You might be surprised about exactly what that is.

If you think being richer or prettier will help then I’m afraid you’re wrong. Scientific studies show that winning the lottery will not make you happier. In fact, some of the richest people in the world are just as happy as some of the poorest. Also, some of the prettiest supermodels are less happy than the average citizen.

This might be surprising, but it’s also reassuring. You can now cross off winning the lottery, becoming richer or becoming prettier from your ‘How To Be Happy’ list and start re-writing another one based on existing science, on your individual needs, and on realistic goals and outcomes.

Once you have clarity about exactly what works for you then you can really become the master of your own happiness and help your family become the master of theirs too. So continue shouting… “Change my life!” because now you can!

So if you think you can benefit from this and want to find out more, sign up to receive updates and get hold of the zest boosting freebie and let the adventures begin.

Big smiles…

Inspired Zest For Life

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