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stress and anxiety reduction techniques

Feeling Anxious Or Stressed? Here Are 3 Tips To Help You To Fix It!

From time to time all of us can feel a little stressed, miserable on edge or anxious. Whilst this may be normal for you, it doesn’t mean you need to accept it as part of your life or feel you can’t do anything about it. In fact, long-term stress can lead to depression, health complications, weight loss or gain, sleep problems, skin ailments and other conditions. This means it’s important to recognise when you might have an abundance of stress and give yourself a break by looking for a path to recovery that suits you.

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happy life

Ways To Be Happy And To Achieve A Happy Life Now

HAPPY LIFE = A state of happiness = ZEST = Approaching life with excitement and energy; not doing things halfway or halfheartedly; living life as an adventure; feeling alive and activated.

If I ask you now what it is you want out of life, I bet one of your top answers will be to have a happy life and to find more zest for life. Then if I ask you what you want for your children or family, again one of your top answers will be for them to find a happy life too.

Yet, if I ask you how you, your children or your family intend to secure that happiness and zest for life then I know you’ll find that question a lot harder to answer.

So exactly how do you get more happiness for you and your family in 2018? Read more…

how to be happy

How To Be Happy Again In 3 Simple Steps

Being happy is a crucial part of staying healthy, and is just as important as physical exercise and what we eat. Sometimes however, things happen out of our control and we temporarily start feeling sad and sometimes even depressed. It would be great at these times to have a list of things to do to discover how to be happy again. So here are some simple steps you can take to start to feel better and stress free again, allowing you to focus on what’s important… feeling content and having a happy life. Read more…

how to be happy

How To Feel More Positive When Nothing’s Going Right

It’s normal to get frustrated if you’re putting a lot of effort into something and not getting results, or worse… the wrong results. It can destroy your self worth and confidence, while draining your zest reserves. It might be happening at work, at home, amongst colleagues, within your friendship circles or with family. It doesn’t matter where its happening because it will all make you feel the same… a failure, worthless, demotivated and completely negative. At these times it’s important to understand how to feel more positive instantly, which can be achieved by taking a bit of time to reflect using this valuable exercise. Read more…

random act of kindness

Paying It Forward With a Random Act Of Kindness (And How It Can Change Your Life)

Recently my husband found he’d been undercharged in a supermarket. A few minutes later he came across a homeless person sitting in a doorway with her dogs. As he’d unexpectedly benefited from the chain store he delved into his pocket, grabbed as much change as he could find and gave it to her while explaining what had happened… paying it forward with a random act of kindness… and you won’t believe what she did next.

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gratitude technique

The Gratitude Technique And Exercises That Work

Evidence exists that using a simple gratitude technique, such as keeping a gratitude diary and taking part in some kind of daily gratitude exercise can really help you feel happier, more positive and give your zest for life a boost.  So what are the best gratitude techniques to use and where’s the scientific evidence to prove that any of this stuff works?

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