How To Be Happy Again In 3 Simple Steps

Being happy is a crucial part of staying healthy, and is just as important as physical exercise and what we eat. Sometimes however, things happen out of our control and we temporarily start feeling sad and sometimes even depressed. It would be great at these times to have a list of things to do to discover how to be happy again. So here are some simple steps you can take to start to feel better and stress free again, allowing you to focus on what’s important… feeling content and having a happy life.

Step 1: How To Be Happy Again Using Your Mind

Play A Game

This is a great thing to do when the weather’s too bad to get out. So instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on what you can and start a regular games day / night for a bit of friendly competition in the company of friends and family.

Have An Adventure

You don’t have to turn into Lara Croft to have an adventure. Instead just try something a bit different to what you’re used to. Learn how to play an instrument, learn a language or start dancing lessons. Explore somewhere different to have lunch or go for a walk somewhere completely new. Trying something a bit different can be a real adventure and help shift your mind out of a rut.

Unplug Your Tech

Technology is an amazing gift that helps us all everyday. However, when our brains interact with technology for too long it can become over stimulated and exhausted. This is why it’s so important to switch off and escape the chaos every now and again.


There are a huge number of physiological, psychological and spiritual health benefits to meditating so learning how to do this and practising it often is a great way to rewire your brain. These benefits are all backed by scientific research and range from boosting your health and immunity, strengthening brain cells and improving your mood. Just doing this activity for 20 minutes a day is enough to make a real difference to your overall sense of wellbeing.

Take Time Off

This doesn’t mean booking a holiday, although that may be perfect for you. However, more importantly you should make an effort to re-set and take time out from your usual distractions. Whether that’s work, family or loved  ones… sometimes you just need to take a bit of time out for yourself and have a break.


Less clutter allows you to focus on what’s important. Your space also reflects your emotional state like a mirror, so the calmer and more tranquil it is then the more you will be too.

In a study in 2009 evidence showed that women who described their homes as “cluttered” or full of “unfinished projects” were more depressed, fatigued, and had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than women who felt their homes were “restful” and “restorative”. So if you want to achieve a higher level of wellness and personal happiness and figure out how to be happy, take some time to declutter.


Mindfulness is a Buddhist concept that’s now accepted in the western world. It has a number of science backed benefits we can all use to show us how to be happy and stay in the moment. It can help reduce emotional exhaustion, improve satisfaction, self-control, objectivity, tolerance, concentration and mental clarity, and to relate to others with kindness, acceptance and compassion.


Have a power nap to recharge your batteries. Sometimes no matter what we do we just can’t find out what works for us and how to be happy again. Times like this consider whether you are simply weary of the world and just need to switch off for a while. Having a nap, even for a few minutes, can help you mind re-set and always makes everything seem better.

Step 2 – How To Be Happy Again Using Your Body

Get Your Adrenalin Pumping!

This is a great way of shifting your energy and it doesn’t have to be as wild as you think. It just has to be something that gets YOU out of YOUR comfort zone. For some that might mean climbing a steep hill with a view to die for, while for others it might mean throwing themselves off the top of the hill while abseiling. Whatever it is, make sure it makes you feel alive and just do it!


If something isn’t going right or exactly as you planned then take time out to move your body. You can walk outside and enjoy some green therapy or go dancing. Moving has the added benefit of releasing stress busting endorphins to half relieve stress, anxiety and depression. All you need to do is get your heart rate up and your endorphins will start to flow.


You may not feel like it but try to smile when you can. As well as being contagious it helps to relieve stress, boost your zest and release those precious endorphins.


Get advice from someone you trust like a close friend, family member or work colleague. Ask them for their opinion about what’s worrying you and your situation. You might be pleasantly surprised by their response.


how to be happy again

We give you permission to sing in the shower, car, anywhere. We promise you’ll feel better—with or without a record deal.

Eat Great Food

Chilli has the power to release those precious endorphins that make use feel better as well as relieving pain by being a natural painkiller. Eating foods high in amino acids also helps our body produce dopamine, our pleasure hormone. Drinking Tulsi tea has also been proven to act the same as an anti-depressant, without any of the unpleasant side-effects of unnatural remedies.

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Step 3 – How To Be Happy Again Using Your Soul

Random Acts Of Kindness

Nothing beats the feeling of helping others with a random act of kindness and paying something forward. Psychology studies show that these acts of kindness do actually work and there are significant rewards we can all benefit from if we do this kind of thing regularly.

Gratitude Techniques

It’s often easy to focus on the negative or those things you don’t have. To shift your focus and boost your zest, start writing in a journal what you are grateful for, big and small. This really works.

Say Something Nice

Making someone elses day better by saying something nice or giving them a compliment is a great way to change your thinking from sadness and depression to real appreciation.

Practice A Mantra

I have my own mantra I try to practice every day. Everyone’s mantra is different. The secret sauce to making a mantra work for you is to focus on the right one. Think about what’s important to you and what you really need to gain from a mantra. Then focus on 3 short sharp statements that sum this up. Once you have your mantra make sure you say it regularly when you need a boost. This might be while you’re in the bathroom or when you’re about to do something important. You can even try writing it on your bedroom mirror or window with a white board marker so you see it at the beginning and the end of each day.

Know That It’s Ok

Remember that sometimes you are going to feel sad and sometimes you are going to feel stressed. It’s ok. We all get a bit sad sometimes and you are no different. The key is to understand when you’re feeling a bit meh, know that it won’t last forever and focus on what you can do in the time that you have to discover how to be happy again and what works for you.

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