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If you need to gain perspective, find some focus, discover a new direction and secure a new future then Personal Performance Coaching is the tool you can use to leverage that kind of change and bring the benefits you are looking for in your business or your life.

As a Business and Personal Performance Coach, I help women find their happy through unique online coaching centred around 6 pillars and foundational habits, which enable them to gain the confidence they need to lead the life they want with the business of their dreams.

I am available to offer Personal Performance Coaching, around the world if you have access to a private space and a computer. I also offer coaching face to face in the area of North Devon, UK. For more information take a look at the full range of coaching services or book a free consultation.

What Is Personal Performance Coaching

If you want to be the best you can be then a coach can really help you achieve this, particularly one that focuses on happiness and personal performance.

Top sports men and women have coaches. Politicians and business people have coaches. They use them to discuss their ideas, find inspiration and direction, become motivated and be held accountable. Having that type of support is what brings success and you will find that everyone at the top of their game has a coach.

Coaching and mentoring has long been accepted in education and coaching specifically is recognised now as an essential management skill in business.

Becoming the best you can be in your life and achieving your goals (even if you’re a bit lost and you don’t know what they are yet) is no different. This is when coaching can help you move from your current state into your desired state and hold you accountable so you get there. This can bring massive rewards and huge changes into your life, and if it’s a happy life you’re after then that’s where a coach can really help.

Coaching is not about telling someone what to do or to give advice on a specific subject. Instead, it’s about facilitating a thought process in which the coachee can discover and identify their own solutions to enhance their own development, learning and performance.

The benefits of having someone believe in you, cheer you on and help you become the best you can be, (even if you don’t know what that is yet), is amazing and can lead to you feeling liberated, energised, refreshed, powerful and inspired for the future.

How To Be Happy And Increase Your Zest For Life

If I asked you now what you want out of life, I bet one of your top answers would be to find happiness and more zest for life. Then if I asked you what you want for your children or family, again one of your top answers would probably be for them to find a happy life too.

Yet, if I asked how you, your children or your family intend to secure that happiness and zest for life then I know you’ll find that question a lot harder to answer.

Personal Performance Coaching can give you the tools you need to discover exactly how happy you are, what’s most important to you in your own journey and exactly what you can do to find more happiness and zest for life.

You might be surprised about exactly what that is.

If you think being richer or prettier will help then I’m afraid you’re wrong. Scientific studies show that winning the lottery will not make you happier. In fact, some of the richest people in the world are just as happy as some of the poorest. Also, some of the prettiest supermodels are less happy than the average citizen.

This might be surprising, but it’s also reassuring. You can now cross off winning the lottery, becoming richer or becoming prettier from your ‘How To Be Happy’ list and start re-writing another one based on existing science, on your individual needs, and on realistic goals and outcomes.

Being happy is something we all think about a lot, but many of us have no idea how to achieve it.

We share thoughts about it on social media, we talk about happiness amongst our friends and family and we discuss our need for it at work… and yet none of us REALLY know how to get more of it.

Also, what seems to work for one person doesn’t work for you and that just leaves you feeling worse and even more lost.

So what exactly can we do to perform better in our lives, increase our personal satisfaction and boost our happiness and zest for life?

How Can Personal Performance Coaching Help You?

Coaching is a process that transforms wishes, dreams and good intentions to reality. With personal change techniques such as NLP, coaching enables a person to modify and enhance their internal processes to enable their goals to be met, allowing us to quickly bring to reality what we strive for but don’t always attain.

I believe that getting what you want out of life and generating your personal happiness is a skill. It’s something you have to work at to get it, grow it and keep it. It takes practice and must be nurtured regularly, and it takes work.

If someone’s happier than you and performing better in their life, be reassured that they weren’t born that way. They just developed their set of happiness skills more while working on their desired outcomes. So all you need to do to achieve the same is to put in some time and effort into achieving the same.

A Personal Performance Coach helps give you the tools and knowledge you need to find out exactly what you want, discover what you need to do to get it and how you can hold onto and nurture it in the future. Using the Socratic Method a coach can explore and discover things through a series of exploratory questioning, supported by professional tools and techniques, so the individual is able to explore their own beliefs and values and where they want to be today and in the future.

Take a look at what Bill Gates  and Eric Schmidt have to say about it.

You’re In Good Hands

(About My Personal Performance Coaching Credentials)

I am a qualified Performance Coach with Neuro Linguistic Programming, with a Professional Management postgraduate Level 5 diploma. This qualification is fully Accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists and the ABC Academic Board.  As well as Personal Performance Coaching, I am also a Certified Happiness Coach through training undertaken with Transformation Services Inc. I am also a member of the National Council for Psychotherapists and The Guild of Coaching and NLP in the UK.

My entrepreneurial business roots are also strong as after years working as a Management Executive I became the Founder and editor of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses and give consultancy advice, support and training to lifestyle business owners in the outdoor hospitality industry.

I also come from a family of entrepreneurs and have had the privilege of helping to run a wholefood and health business and a boutique hospitality business for almost 20 years.

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I offer a variety of coaching options to help you if you’re feeling stuck with your business or personal life. This can be done on the phone, by Skype or Google Hangouts, Facebook and face to face.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, take a look at my coaching services and testimonials or contact me for more details about how to get started with a free consultation.

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