Feel You’ve Lost Your Zest? Want To Know How To Get It Back?

Welcome to Inspired Zest For Life! My world was rocked when I became a stroke survivor at 38. On the path to recovery I found out some amazing things. Seriously, this is stuff most people don’t find out in a lifetime. All of it opens doors to finding more happiness and zest and I want to share it all with you right here.

How Can I Feel Happy?

Do you find yourself asking this question?

After my stroke I certainly did. That was when I started my journey of discovery to find out knowledge, inspirations and expert help to put me back on the road to recovery.

I found out a lot and discovered how to generate more zest and feel happy again.

This has a lot to do with elements we think little about, such as feeling fear or nurturing our zest for life.

Where Do I Start?

When life throws you lemons, it hard to know what to do… but the great thing is that you’re here. This is where you can start.

Currently I’m writing like a loon and working as hard as a hamster on a wheel trying to pull everything together.

It’s going to take a bit of time but don’t go away as this stuff is goooood!

While you’re waiting for me to catch up I’ve put together a ZEST BOOSTING FREEBIE you can use RIGHT NOW to get some of your precious zest back. All you need to do is fill out the box with your name and email and you’ll start receiving it in your inbox.

In the meantime, I’m working on a plan that’s going to keep us all happy, inspired and zestful, so if you share your email with me I’ll send you my zest boosting freebie and I’ll also let you know when I’ve got a collection of delicious tips, tricks and challenges right here for you to dip into.

This isn’t just about self improvement, personal growth or self discovery. This is about knowledge and learning and (where possible) science proven tricks to bring back your childhood zest for life.

Did you know there are millions of scientific papers and scholarly articles published every year in tens of thousands of journals? And the most shocking fact is that 50% of these are never read.

That’s a lot of discoveries that never reach the light of day!

What if those discoveries and ideas could make a real difference to how we live our lives in a happier, more fulfilling, rewarding and zestful way?

In essence, I won’t just be showing you what to do… I’ll be showing you what to do differently and giving you a huge dose of inspiration along the way.

So join me on a little journey.

One that’s going to make you the designer or your own life!

Doors will open, zest will flow and new adventures will begin.

Your journey starts now!

Big smiles… Sarah

Inspired Zest For Life

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Some call me an idealist but I prefer optimist and I'm on a mission to bring something of value to this rollercoaster ride we're on. I want to give you a practical guide to help you find more happiness and zest for life. All achieved by revitalising the way you think, eat, move and live... so you feel inspired and excited about your future and can attract the life and business of your dreams.

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